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Tropical Food Forest; Nursery Grows Perennial Vegetables + Rare Fruit Trees

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ visits Finca Dos Madres Permaculture Nursery and Farm outside San Jose, Costa Rica.

In this episode, John takes you on a short tour of this permaculture farm that is built on a sloped property.

You will learn about some of the over 200 species of plants and some of the over 100 different types of fruit trees as well as all of the 15 types of perennial leafy green vegetables that are easy to grow in tropical climates.

You will discover how this farmer is able to plant out a sloped property to create the garden of Eden on his sloped property outside San Jose, Costa Rica.

You will learn some of the many fruit trees that he makes available for locals.

You will learn about Breadfruit as a staple tree-crop that can create food resilience in communities.

You will learn about 15 different varieties of leafy green vegetables that can be easily grown in the tropics (or during the warm season) in even the hottest of temperate climates, such as Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, Florida, etc.

Finally, John will sit down with Paul Zink and find out why he left a high paying job in New York City to move to Costa Rica and start a Permaculture Food forest and live his dream.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
02:30 Dwarf Banana
02:46 Edible Hibiscus
02:55 Calamondin
03:02 Jam Berry
03:10 Chaya Leafy green tree (eat cooked)
03:23 Silverberry
03:29 Yucca Plant
03:44 Sloped Property Planting on Slope
05:02 Eight Varieties of Turmeric
05:50 Fruit tree nursery
05:55 Katuk – One of My favorite greens
06:08 Breadfruit Tree – Staple Food
07:55 Investing in Seeds and Time to have a nursery
08:41 Most Valuable Tree at the Nursery Bely – Hibiscus Manihot
09:27 Interview with Paul Zink Starts
09:48 Why did you start a food forest and Sell Fruit Trees?
11:10 How many different fruit trees do you have on the property?
13:02 How many varieties of fruit trees and perennial vegetables do you have available for locals?
14:20 15 Perennial Leafy Greens for the tropics
14:50 Purple Hibiscus
15:00 Belay Manihot hibiscus
15:22 Chaya – eat cooked
15:50 Katuk from Borneo
16:08 Moringa
16:29 Gotu Kola
16:53 Okinawan Spinach – Gynura Crepoides
16:54 Sisso Spinach
16:56 Brazilian Spinach
16:59 Malabar Spinach
17:35 June Plum Shoots
17:49 Gynura Procumbens – Longevity Spinach
18:20 Eight Varieties of Turmeric
19:20 How can someone get ahold of you to purchase your greens and trees
20:27 Any words of wisdom for my viewers?

After watching this episode, you will learn about some of the most important leafy green perennial vegetables you can plant in the tropics that will allow you to grow your own salads year round and much, much more.

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