Prevent Spraying of Chemical Pesticides in Your Neighborhood

By steve / April 28, 2018

John from talks with Josh Cunnings of the Boogie Brew Company about the spraying of chemicals in his neighborhood.

If kids in FL are willing to stand up against assault weapons, then how about eliminating the silent assassin that kills far more of us than America’s gun-a-holic culture ever could. Chemicals are responsible for cancer now occupying the top slot for causes of death, (surpassing even heart disease). Where is there an amendment to our constitution that guarantees the right to bear toxins on our own environment?

In this rant-style episode, you will hear Josh rant on about chemical spraying of pesticides in his neighborhood and how you can help him rid HOA associations around the country from spraying neonicotinoid insecticides.

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Pacific Landscapes (contractor out of Sebastopol), fraudulently advertises themselves as an “organic landscape company” , (slogan on their vehicles and trailers). Under the authority of CentreVille HOA and its management company, (“Christison Corp”), they are getting ready to apply the Neonicotinoid compounds AGAIN this year, please help us to stop them! (Last year this wiped out our honeybees).

Here is what occurred last year:

Here is a link to our local petition, (hard copy with signatures obtained is on file).

Here is a summary of the whole situation:

Why should RP citizens be forced to tolerate what would otherwise NEVER be allowed to happen in communities like Sebastopol? Another question is the threat to waterways like Hinebaugh creek, (right behind our housing complex); this tributary feeds into our precious Laguna, a critical wetlands habitat, (that needs all the help it can get in Sonoma County!).
Why should Rohnert Park’s citizenry collectively dig their heads into a chemical sand of denial?

However this is no joke, there is nothing hilarious whatsoever about the usage of Neonicotinoids in an urban environment which is inhabited by sensitive humans, pets, and indeed native creatures. (Hinebaugh Creek is a critical tributary to our precious Laguna and plays host to numerous aquatic, mammalian and invertebrate species). These compounds are killing all of us, slowly and bit by bit…

Another irony is that Neonicotinoids have been billed as “The New DDT”, (systematically wiping out bees as surely as bird populations suffered up until the 60’s). The ironic part is that “Rachel Carson Hall”, (as you well know, the author of “Silent Spring”), stands proud and tall at the SSU’s campus barely a couple of miles from our door!

Neonicotinoids are illegal in Europe and one lone state on the U..S, (Minnesota, where the regulators actually CARE about the honey bees!). Bayer, meanwhile, (who now own Monsanto and who manufacture the majority of these bee-killing pesticides), have hilariously created a bee foundation! (Talk about the chemical foxes guarding the sheeple’s henhouses!).

State laws were broken right here in Rohnert Park as the pesticide applicators must always provide a 30 day advance notice of their intent to spray. (less than 24 hours of notice were actually provided).

Help us get the word out about this perverted poisoning of RP’s landscape. We have neighbors with sensitive children who would love to have their story told. These are the citizens, and they deserve to be heard.

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Here is a link to latest legal rulings on neonicotinoids in CA:

Contact the “HOA Specialist” at Christison Corp who “manages” Centreville HOA : Joyce Solarz –

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