Over a Dozen Edible Perennial Vegetables & Herbs – Amazing Nursery

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ visits Spiral Gardens a community food security project in Berkeley, California to share with you some of his favorite edible perennials and herbs that you can grow in your garden.

In this episode, John takes you on a tour of Spiral Gardens Nursery in Berkeley and shares his wisdom about growing vegetables and more.

You will discover over a dozen perennial vegetables that you can grow in your garden. These vegetables are best grown in the San Francisco Bay Area, Zone 9-10 although can survive in other climates as annuals as well.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
04:24 Tips on Lettuce
04:53 Most Nutritious Food on the Planet
06:10 Nursery that starts its own plants
06:58 Grow a Garden in Pots
08:00 Balm of Gilead
08:42 Spiral Gardens Kale for Berkeley
09:28 My favorite Perennial Vegetable – Purple Tree Collards
10:00 Eating Stinging Nettles
11:38 Catnip – We Can Eat it
13:11 New Zealand Spinach – Grows Year Round
13:58 Best Place in Bay area to Buy Tree Collards
14:28 Cape Gooseberries – Related to Tomatoes Grow Year Round more cold tolerant
15:35 Yacon – My favorite tuberous root vegetable
17:39 Gotu Kola
18:01 Horseradish
19:08 Artichokes
19:55 Walking Stick Kale
20:45 Scarlett Runner Beans – Eat Young like sugar snap peas
21:45 Manzano Pepper – Best Perennial Pepper for places that don’t freeze
23:24 Abutilon – Make Delicious Edible Flowers
24:25 My recommendations for Growing Fruit Trees
25:05 African Bitterleaf in Pot
26:12 Dinosaur Kale in 15 Gallon Pot
26:44 Growing in a concrete block wall
27:53 Plant Edible Flowers
28:30 Appropriate Fruit Trees at your local nursery
29:50 Interview with directors of Non-Profit
30:09 Why is Spiral Gardens here?
34:39 Can people volunteer and learn how to grow food?
36:40 Easiest Foods in Bay Area to Grow
38:30 Traditional Model of Community Garden
40:15 Best Plants to Grow in Bay Area
42:50 Final thoughts and words of wisdom
46:22 How can someone contact spiral gardens?

After watching this episode, you will learn about an amazing resource in the Bay Area where you can learn how to grow your own food, and purchase high quality, low cost plant starts to get your garden growing.

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