Beyond Sustainable 30 Year Old farm

Zero Waste Homestead Farm on 1 Acre

John from visits Pico Blanco Farm, a 1 Acre Beyond Sustainable Farm on a the hill above Escazú, Costa Rica that was started 30 years ago.

In this episode, John takes you on a tour of this well-planned permaculture farm that captures its own water, generates its own power, makes its own gas, produces its own fertilizer and grows fruits and vegetables in harmony with nature.

You will discover some of the common and more uncommon fruits and vegetables are grown on this permaculture farm.

You will learn some of the many systems that are in place to turn this farm into a zero-waste paradise where all black water (sewage) and grey water is bio filtered and used to grow food.

You will learn how gravity is used to water this terraced farm on a hill by using pipe reduction to increase water pressure.

You will discover some techniques for stopping erosion by increasing soil organic matter and getting roots in the ground.

You will learn some of the planning and techniques that one man used to turn an undesirable property on a hill to one of the most impressive permaculture farms I have ever visited.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
0:09:30 Slope without Retaining Wall by using the best practices
0:11:45 Edible Flowers
0:17:20 Solar Panels Creating 100% of Power
0:21:00 Stove Powered by Gas Created on Site
0:21:30 Benefits of Cooking on Cast Iron Pots
0:23:45 Squatting on Toilet to Make Bio-Gas
0:27:20 Septic System that produces Gas, Fertilizer and Clean Water
0:33:51 Water Lilys and Water Lettuce Cleans Black Water
0:38:00 Conventional and Organic Lettuce and How that can degrade soil
0:40:44 Azola Cleans Water Further
0:44:16 Growing Taro and Other Crops with clean water
0:37:00 Final water Cleaning Stage with Duckweed
0:49:00 Living off the Grid By Making Your own Power and Resources
0:53:00 Catching Rain Water without gutters
0:57:00 Always have failsafe systems
0:57:55 Water Storage Tank underground
1:02:14 Eating CoffeeBerry
1:03:18 Growing Orchids training plants
1:04:41 Non Erosion on Terraced Slope by organic matter and plant roots
1:06:42 Irrigation Sprinklers
1:07:00 Air Pruning without a Smart Pot
1:08:48 Watering terraces with gravity flow system
1:11:18 The Ultimate Producer instead of Consumer
1:12:00 Natural Insect Traps
1:13:17 Interview with Farmer Hugo A. Zuñiga Molina
1:14:55 Why did you decide to start this project?
1:17:00 Why is increasing the soil organic matter so important?
1:19:04 What does your family think of what you are doing?
1:24:19 Why is it important to teach your kids and future generations?
1:25:49 What are your opinions about growing monoculture lettuce?
1:32:20 What words of wisdom would you like to share with my viewers?
1:34:42 Visit and Stay on the Farm.

After watching this episode, you will learn about the most amazing example of permaculture in action that I have ever visited. You will learn many techniques that should be implemented in the first world countries so people can become producers instead of consumers in our society .

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